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Rogers Law Firm, LLC

Future-Proof You & Your Loved Ones With An Elder Law Attorney

Elder law attorneys specialize in the support of seniors and can handle a wide range of legal matters that are related to or affecting an elderly person. As elder law attorneys in Indianapolis, we understand that the needs of older adults are more different and specialized compared to the needs of the younger ones, so we help solve daily problems affecting the actual care of seniors like assisted living and life planning in addition to handling important legal matters like financial and estate planning. Our Indianapolis elder law attorneys can also address your finances and property, minimize complications and risks during probate, and maximize the benefits afforded to you by the law for you and your family to take advantage of.

Our Indianapolis elder law attorney can help you and your family by:

  • planning for long-term care due to age or intellectual incapacity
  • planning for Medicaid before and after retirement
  • handling placement, financing, and protection in care facilities like nursing homes
  • administering an estate
  • creating and administering trusts
  • representing guardians or also known as conservators
  • applying for death-benefit coverage
An elder law attorney at Roger’s Law Firm will explain all the facts and options available to you in a manner that you can clearly understand. We can help you draft your will or advance medical directive, decide whether a trust is required for your estate planning, and determine if you should consider having a power of attorney. Our goal is to produce accessible and affordable estate planning and legal advice for all Indianapolis residents with their best interest in mind.