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Sometimes a child needs care and assistance when the parents can’t or won’t provide the child’s basic needs.  Other times there is an incapacitated adult who needs someone to make decisions for him or her. Indiana law allows the courts to appoint a guardian for both a minor and for an incapacitated adult. With Rogers Law Firm by your side, you don’t have to be alone. We can prepare your court documents and represent you in court through this challenging time. Contact Guardian Lawyer today.

Guardian Lawyer In Indianapolis, Indiana

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Guardianship is required when a person is unable to make decisions for himself or manage his own affairs due to legal incapacity. Children under the age of 18 are not legal adults yet, so they require guardians. Adults with special needs, as well as those suffering from physical or mental illnesses, may require the services of a guardian if they are unable to make decisions on their own behalf, manage their own assets and affairs, or communicate their own decisions. 


Whatever your legal needs are in these areas, the guardian lawyers at Roger’s Law Firm can help. Our office is located in Indianapolis, IN, and we serve anyone who comes in our doors delightfully. We take pride in seeing our clients leaving our offices satisfied and feeling much lighter than when they initially came in. Contact Guardian Lawyer today.

Do I Need Help From Guardian Lawyers?

Numerous legal and personal complications can arise in guardianship or conservatorship cases, warranting the use of guardian lawyers’ expertise and resources. There are already popular issues with guardianship or conservatorship in reports taking the media by storm that you may already be aware of — such as the loss of freedom to make one’s own decisions and the difficulties associated with loss of capacity and trust. We can assist you in overcoming the legal challenges associated with establishing guardianships and using them well to protect your interests. We strongly advise you to seek professional advice such as one coming from guardian lawyers so that you can be guided through the process and avoid costly or time-consuming mistakes.

Guardianship Or Conservatorship In Indiana

The legal process by which one person assumes responsibility for the care of another is carried out in guardianships. Guardianships are required when a parent is unable to care for their child while conservatorships (adult guardianship) are set in motion when an adult is unable to make his or her own decisions. The proceedings in guardianships can be difficult, but they are common when someone becomes ill or injured.


When guardianships are required for adults, the person who is assigned a guardian is referred to as the ward. In general, the ward is no longer capable of taking legal actions or expressing preferences regarding who will provide care for them or manage their assets. This is due to the fact that he is, by definition, incapacitated. A family member or friend will need to go to court and petition for guardianship. 


When a guardianship petition is filed, the court determines whether the person who will become a ward is incapacitated enough to make and communicate decisions or manage affairs. When a court declares someone to become ward due to incapacity, the court will appoint a guardian. The guardian has a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interests of the ward, and regular follow-up with the court is required.

How Can I Avoid Guardianship?

Many people prefer to avoid situations in which guardianships are required. There are alternatives to guardianships if you plan ahead of time. Creating a power of attorney, naming a healthcare proxy, using advanced directives, and creating living trusts are just a few of the many ways a person can plan for incapacity and avoid the need for guardianships. If you seek legal counsel before becoming incapacitated, Indianapolis guardian lawyers can help you avoid the need for a guardian.

Guardian Responsibilities And Advantages

Seeking to be appointed as a child or adult’s guardian can be time-consuming and stressful for you and your family. You understandably worry about the person’s well-being, and the person in need can complicate matters if they are an adult and do not want guardianship formally established. However, there are numerous advantages to being appointed as a loved one’s guardian, including:

  • The ability to enroll them in school and make sound medical decisions for them;
  • Take control of their property and protect it from those who do not have their best interests at heart; and
  • Receive financial assistance, such as social security or pension payments, that are intended to assist the person in need.

Learn more about how guardianships affect you and your loved ones by speaking with us today. We are delighted to serve you as one of your best “guardian lawyers near me” options.

How Do I Find Reliable Guardian Lawyers Near Me?

We believe in providing high-quality services at affordable rates. The elder law attorney and her team at Rogers Law Firm can assist you with guardianships, Medicaid planning, estate planning, simple and complex trusts, estate and trust administration, and other related areas of law.


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