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Probate Lawyer In Indianapolis, Indiana

It is difficult to grieve and deal with your loved one’s estate after a family member dies. Probate is a complicated court process that involves probate administration attorneys, judges, creditors, and a lot of paperwork. This process can be overwhelming for you and can take months to complete. In Indiana, there are several options for handling a probate matter, including small estates, unsupervised administration, and supervised administration. Our probate lawyer at Rogers Law Firm can virtually meet with any client anywhere in the state of Indiana.

Probate Administration In Indianapolis, Indiana

When a person dies, their entire estate and assets must be handled as soon as possible. Probate is when owned assets are managed and distributed after you or a loved one passes on. 


Even while you are still in the period of grieving, practical decisions must be made promptly about where the property should go, and this process is done accordingly to the court’s rules and instructions. Before you can receive your inheritance, you will almost certainly need to go through probate to complete the tasks specified in the will. If you have a will, it is expected that you will carry out its instructions regarding your estate. 


In the absence of a will, our probate statutes in Indiana determine when probate is required, and when it does, it involves presenting a court petition asking for the appointment of the personal representative who will then handle final affair payments, gathering of assets, creditor debts, as well as identify the beneficiaries to receive from the distributed estate or assets of the late person. It is important to speak with a probate lawyer in Indianapolis to ensure that your estate and assets are protected when you pass away. Our probate lawyer has helped many Indianapolis families make informed decisions on how they can best plan to handle one’s estate and assets once they pass on. 

How Long Does Probate Take In Indianapolis, IN?

Each process has specific rules or requirements and the time it takes to complete the probate of an estate or trust administration relies on the size and complexity of the estate, the communication from creditors or institutions, and how well beneficiaries cooperate.

Can Probate Be Avoided?

If you plan ahead of time, you can avoid going through probate for an estate in Indiana. A living revocable trust is one of the best ways to keep an estate out of probate. The trust’s assets would be distributed to the named beneficiary without the need for probate. You can also avoid probate if the assets have a beneficiary, payable on death, or transfer on death provision. It is always best to contact a probate lawyer to learn more on how to avoid probate. Our compassionate Indianapolis probate attorney is here ready to help you better understand the probate administration process.

Is A Probate Attorney Necessary?

The probate administration process is unfortunately not that simple. There are complications that can arise with assets that aren’t subject to probate. Properties owned through a living trust, life insurance policies, and titles under, “Joint Tenants With Right Of Survivorship”, do not pass through probate. On top of that, there is also a possibility that one or more individuals may contest the will for reasons like receiving an unequal share of the estate. If you are facing these issues, you will require the expertise and resources of a probate administration lawyer to reach a resolution.


The probate attorney at Roger’s Law Firm will explain all of the facts and options available to you in a manner that you can clearly understand. Our probate lawyer can also handle your finances and property, reduce complications and risks during probate, and maximize the legal benefits available to you and your family. Our probate administration lawyer can help you draft your will or advance medical directive, decide whether a trust is required for your estate planning, and determine if you should consider having a power of attorney. Our probate lawyer’s goal is to produce accessible and affordable estate planning and legal advice with you and your family’s best interest in mind.

Our Probate Attorney’s Promise

Our probate attorney at Rogers Law Firm will strive to be of great benefit to you from start to finish providing the best planning tailored for the care and protection you and your family will need. When it comes to protecting your assets, our probate attorney in Indianapolis will make sure to exhaust all possible options so you are protected from creditors and unwarranted taxes. Our probate lawyer recognizes the importance of assets being distributed to your rightful heirs according to your wishes.  Our probate lawyer will draft only the appropriate documents, such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney to ensure things go as smoothly as possible according to your wishes. 

Our probate lawyer will guide you and your loved ones through the probate system and make sure that everything is explained in a manner that’s easy to understand. After you contact us or see us via walk-in, we will evaluate your assets, listen carefully to your issues, examine your circumstances, and discuss facts and possibilities with you in the clearest and most understandable way to meet your unique needs. Contact our Indianapolis probate attorney today to learn more on how we can help you and your family.

Increase Your Sense Of Control Over The Future

The importance of quality of life cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, as our loved ones get older they may suffer from memory loss or memory illness such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or stroke. Let our elder law attorney in Indianapolis, IN help you make informed decisions and supplement additional understanding of the legal processes you are about to undertake. Take time to discover the law’s effect on your life as well as your options to determine the best choices for you by clicking one of the links below:


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